Prince Charles of Great Britain has come under fire for a newly revealed letter he penned to a friend in 1986. This is the letter where he implied that an influx of Jewish immigration were to blame, in part, for the issues in the Middle East.  In the very same letter he suggested that the United States should proactively challenge what he termed the "Jewish lobby", which is considered by many as an antisemitic phrase.

Prince Charles apparently wrote the letter to his friend Laurens van der Post shortly after a round of Middle Eastern state visits while he was married to Princess Diana. Charles said in this letter that he believes all Arab and Jewish people were at one time living in a harmonious Semitic way and that the introduction of large proportions of foreigners, mainly from Poland, have contributed to the descent into unrest in the region.

He suggested that unnamed "causes" be eliminated in order to put an end to terrorism, even going so far as to insinuate that it was the only way.  What he meant by eliminating the causes is up for much debate.

The original letter was located amid a public archive and is said to be written on the 24th of November, 1986.  The prince was on the tail end of trips to Saudia Arabia, Bahrain and Qatar.

On a lighter side, he did also note that his travels to the Middle Eastern nations were fascinating and that he learned a good deal about the the Middle East and Arab outlooks.

Charles admitted that he read parts of the Koran in order to gain further insight and found it helpful in being more understand about the Arab train of though.  Although, he did say that had it been the other way around, that Arabs probably would not gain much insight on the Western way of life if using mainly the Christian Bible as reference.

Once this controversial letter came to light, Clarence House's spin factory was quick to chime in and say that it is well known these views are not that of Prince Charles himself, but relayed views of people he had met during his travels.

Clarence House went on spinning saying that Charles was merely sharing his arguments with a personal friend via private letters in hopes of improving his understand of this notoriously complex issue.

It would not be neutral of me if I failed to note that Prince Charles is generally thought highly of in UK's Jewish and Muslim communities.  He is known for often telling the story of his his mother, Princess Alice of Battenberg gave refuge to Jewish families during World War II and he called her actions "amazing."

As far as a reason the Muslim community is in so much favor of Prince Charles, is partly due to his extensive work as a patron to the Oxford Centre for Island studies for over 20 years now.  The centre's Director, Farhan Nizami has publicly described the prince as a "friend of Muslims" and even going so far as asserting his believe that there is probably not another world leader from the West that has as high a standing in the Muslim world as Prince Charles.

As with most high profile scandals, the debate will surely continue as the use of the phrase he chose to pen has gotten a handful of public figures in very hot water before.

Time will tell if he will be forgiven for his misjudgments or deemed someone speaking against Jewish folks.

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