Man followed woman into bathroom, what happened next leaves her shaking

It's never a nice feeling being followed by someone at the best of times but being followed into a public bathroom and then being peeked on as well whilst you are using the bathroom is a completely different story.

This man obviously knew what he was doing when he randomly chose to follow a woman into the woman's public bathroom and his intentions were definitely clear after he had followed her in. The nickname Princeton Peeper perfectly fits someone who follows women into public bathrooms to watch them squat.

This woman was going about her day doing what every person has to do got a shock after seeing the man who had followed her into the bathroom peeking at her through a crack in the stall she was in when she should have been getting the privacy she wanted and the privacy she rightfully deserves.

PRINCETON, N.J. (WPVI) --Police have released a sketch of the man they say followed a woman into a restaurant bathroom in Princeton, N.J. last weekend.

The man's picture was also captured by a surveillance camera. 

Police say the man was at Triumph Brewery late Sunday night when, a woman claims, he followed her into the bathroom and peeked at her through a crack in the stall door.

The man was gone by the time police arrived.

He is described as Hispanic, 25-30 years old, 5'8" tall with a thin build.

He was wearing a gray hooded vest and a baseball cap with an Atlanta Falcons logo.

Everyone needs to use a public bathroom when they are out and about and they should freely be able to do that without the worry of someone seeing them when they shouldn't be. In this case this woman did not get the privacy she needed and therefore may have felt vulnerable.

I believe there is a reason we have separate toilets for both men and women and that is so each can have the privacy they deserve and also so they feel safe. Once a man is able to enter a women's bathroom that then makes the woman vulnerable as camera's can only be placed in certain area's of a public bathroom so as to not invade privacy. 

Once a man is out of sight of a camera and is not caught by someone or even seen by someone as entering and following a woman inside things can escalate and get out of control very quickly.

This is why we don't want men in the women's bathroom.

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