Professor Charged for Assaulting Trump Supporter With Bike Lock

California: Eric Clanton was fired from teaching at Diablo Valley College and has been charged with multiple crimes for allegedly bashing a Trump supporter in the head with a bike lock. The victim's head was battered and bloodied and required bandages to aid in stopping the profuse bleeding potentially caused by the impacts from the bike lock.

Clanton says the charges are false and claims he is not the man in the mask seen attacking the victim.  He laments that he faces countless years of prison time due to allegations made by "shockingly hateful parts of the internet."  He claims he was been swarmed by an agitated group of so-called "Internet trolls" in an implication that 4chan users were behind his arrest.


Users of  /pol/ on 4chan have possibly identified the culprit caught brutally attacking protesters with a metal bike lock.  They examined close-up photos from the rally and the amateur detectives used the pictures to match his height and hairline with photos of protesters at earlier protests and photos posted online.  The group from 4Chan's /pol/ finally determined the "Bike Lock Basher" was Eric Clanton.

Conservative personality Milo Yiannopoulos brought coverage of the endeavor and various people from around the web (not 4chan guys) began disseminating or doxxing his home address and subsequent violent threats shortly followed.  Clanton's employers were deluged with demands to have him fired.

After the arrest, a Berkeley policeman reportedly told Clanton that "the Internet did the work for us."

Authorities have not mentioned to what extent the Internet vigilantes detective work played in efforts to identify, detain, and charge the perpetrator.  It's noteworthy to mention that there were so many videos of the attacks and that made it easier to identify the culprit.

Police Captain Ed Spiller told reporters that the videos of the bike lock attack were staggering and quite shocking, as a normal person might think as well.

Clanton blatantly insists that the charges are baseless, but has not explicitly denied that he is the masked perpetrator who carried out the gruesome bike lock assault.  He asserts that his case is a prime example of the authorities doing what they can to facilitate and legitimize the violence and hate of the so-called alt-right.

His frustration is mounted by what he sees as a subhuman Internet force that smeared and threatened him. He probably thinks that dealing with this onslaught is quite difficult.

Clanton said that his case threatens to set a new standard in which alt-right extremists can select targets to be repressed and then have police forcefully pursue them.  He claims that this entire incident reeks of movements in a strategy to further stifle dissent and crack down on resistance to the growth of alleged white supremacist violence that we saw in Charlottesville.

The city of Berkeley, which put out a statement last week asking residents to stay away from all protests in the downtown area Sunday, has printed 20,000 posters that say “Berkeley stands united against hate.” Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguín provided a list of locations where the posters can be picked up and is promoting a number of upcoming community events against hate and bigotry.

Some people on the conservative side appeared at his arraignment and are eager to see Clanton carted to jail as a cautionary move against violent counter-demonstrators. 

Some say that the chain of unrest in Berkeley is a direct result of the February Milo incident where he was forced to cancel an anti-immigration speech due to Antifa and extremist protests that turned violent.

A month after the attack, police with a search warrant raided Clanton's home in San Leandro. This lead to arrest in Oakland and he was detained.  His charges include four counts of felony assault with a deadly weapon with a special point of causing great bodily harm and injury to at least one of his alleged victims.

Clanton has plead not guilty and his initial hearing is scheduled for the end of September.