Professor Claims It's Racist For White People To Have Babies


Professor Jessie Daniels is a white sociology professor at City University of New York which is usually referred to as CUNY. She appears to be combating whiteness, which is a problem that even she suffers from since she's a white person too. In a plethora of 'empty barrel' Tweets, she ranted about how white people having more white babies was part of the problem and suggestively racist. Due to the nature of white supremacy and how it's 2017 and everything is racist all of a sudden, now white people can't even have kids without being assumed to be racist. 

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Gone is the notion that people have kids because they want to raise a family. Now we may as well turn this up a notch and say white people only have kids so they can raise future KKK members. That's right, every white baby is racist now. Let's go by Jessie Daniels' logic and just start saying everything possible is racist. She stands by her statements so much that she locked her Twitter account. Don't worry folks, people always have screenshots. That's something that worries me on the days I post really stupid things, but at least my stupidity is honest mistakes. What's her excuse?

Does she forget that she used to be a white baby? Or how about the fact that she is still a white woman and if she has kids, then she's double racist by her own logic? The Tweets she posted before locking her account are hilarious, yet obliviously and obviously social justice warrior liberal Tweets. If you're white, then you better go get help for your racism issue and watch out for those little racist white babies. 

Daniels' profile information on CUNY's website state she's a professor, has a PhD from the University of Texas, Austin, and claims she is "an internationally recognized expert on the Internet manifestations of racism" 

Good luck to her and these Tweets.