Tinder Date Gets Weird, Woman Tries to Retrieve Her Poo

This is either the worst, or weirdest, Tinder date that Liam Smyth from Bristol, UK has had, or ever will have. It required a fire rescue teams called to his residence to rescue a girl who got stuck in a window. She was stuck there because she tried to throw her poop out the window, but it got stuck on the ledge and she wanted to get it off the ledge. She was doing this because the toilet wouldn't flush. 

Fire rescue crews had to smash some of the window out in order to get the girl free, who was upside down in between the windows.  Smyth subsequently had to answer to his landlord to the tune of $265 for the damaged glass and he took to GoFundMe for crowd sourced assistance.  Since he posted the fundraiser he has received more than 10 times the requested amount and plans to donate the excess to charity, including the Fire Fighter's Charity fund.

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One of the rescuers, Chris Crothers, said that he and the rest of the crew were astonished at what had happened and dispelled all rumors that it was a prank.

Crothers noted that the obviously embarrassed woman told the whole story of what happened in detail upon their arrival to the scene.

He stated that when they were not sure what to expect once they got there as the only information they had beforehand was that a woman simply got stuck in a window.  He noted that they found her wedged in between two small windows with her face squished to the glass pane.

When the toilet failed to flush, in an attempt to avoid a disastrous date, she flung the poop out the window, which she did not know had a small ledge outside, and the poop got stuck.  She then hatched another rich plan that ultimately reeked of failure and tried to retrieve the smelly package by crawling through the window panes, and getting stuck in the process.  Now, not only had she been responsible for what could be one of the most memorable Tinder dates of all time, she was stuck in a window, with her head inches away from the gnarly feces while she waited for her date to call the fire department's help.

Firefighters described how they needed to be very careful removing the woman from the predicament as the glass was pressing against her body and face.  They noted that once they removed the glass, they were able to get her out quickly and that she was not only in perfectly fine condition, she was mostly grateful that she was out of the tough jam.  The rescuers told the two that they would be telling this story for the rest of their lives.  The firefighters added that they had no idea that the poop rescue story would spread so fast and wide through social media.

I would be doing the world an injustice if I didn't add this little tidbit of sage knowledge. If you ever fling a pile poop out a window and it gets stuck, then don't go head-first through the window and get stuck. Use something else to reach for it.

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