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Prosecutor who questioned Ford said her evidence couldn't get a search warrant, let alone prosecute

Rachel Mitchell has apparently told Republicans privately that Christine Blasey Ford's story, if presented to Mitchell legally, would not even have enough information or evidence to get a search warrant on Brett Kavanaugh. Not only that, but there's no evidence in which she could even prosecute him.

That speaks volumes considering Mitchell is a woman who prosecutes criminal sexual offenders. You would think she'd be going after Kavanaugh if he was guilty, because that's basically what she does for a living anyway.


Wired Sources on Twitter posted this tidbit of information and stated that it came from the New York Times.

I checked their website. It was there.

Tweet and quote from NYT are below.


As Dr. Blasey testified, Republican senators sat in mute witness, forgoing questioning and giving over their time to an outside lawyer, Rachel Mitchell, a sex crimes prosecutor whose clipped questioning gave the hearing a prosecutorial tone. Ms. Mitchell, who later told Republicans privately that she did not believe there was enough evidence to prosecute or even obtain a search warrant, seemed to have little success rattling Dr. Blasey or undermining her story.

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Since this wasn't a criminal hearing, but more-so one big job interview that turned into hell, it's not like she could prosecute him anyway.

She could probably suggest that Ford presses charges, but based on what Mitchell has said - it would be a mute point.

Charges for what?

There are no witnesses.

There is no one to support the story that Kavanaugh acted inappropriately.

There is nothing on Kavanaugh's record that suggest that he would ever sexually assault anyone.

What is really going on here? That's what we need to figure out.

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