Protesters Try To Keep Philly Rapper Meek Mill Out Of Jail

Philadelphia native Meek Mill has been sentenced to two to four years in jail due to multiple violations of probation.  The latest violation comes from a probation violation related to a 2008 drugs and gun case.  The sentence was quite a shock to Mills and his defense as both the prosecutor of the case as well as his parole officer had not recommended prison time.  Judge Genece R. Brinkley took it upon herself, as she is empowered to do, to sentence him to prison time.

To back up her sentencing she noted how she had given Mill a number of easy breaks over the course of a few years, but he consistently found himself in trouble again. She claimed he turned his nose at the court, essentially disrespecting the judge and her niceness.

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Brinkley, a 61-year-old black woman who has been a city judge since 1993 has been in charge of Mill's cases since the beginning.  She has used various methods to help guide Mills along a better path, most notably in 2013 when she ordered him to take etiquette classes after he lambasted the judge, prosecutor and probation officer on social media.  The classes were hoped to help him better manage how he acted online and in public.

Mills was arrested twice in 2017 alone and even had to enter rehab for drug addiction.  He breached numerous rules that required him to clear out of town concerts before performing them.  Once, during a time he was supposed to be serving meals as part of community service, the judge visited to see for herself and found him folding clothes, only to see him snap to serving meals once he had already recognized her presence.

Rapper Meek Mills grew up in North Philadelphia in a single-mother home.  His father was murdered when he was just 5-years-old.

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A star studded line-up of celebrities from the hip-hop world showed up at rallies that surrounded the sentencing and addressed the crows with statements alluding that Mills has been treated unfair due to institutional injustice.  Their words, it can be assumed, fell short of calling is racial injustice as Judge Brinkley was black.

When it is all said and done, it seems like people are overlooking the realities of what the guy has done because they are holding him up on a celebrity pedestal and somehow think that the rules should apply differently based on his status.

Mills has clearly committed multiple offenses and disrespected the courts and the terms set on him, and now he is being forced to deal with the consequences.  Period. He is just a man.  Being a celebrity doesn't exempt him from the law.  After all, our laws are supposed to be applied equally to all, right?  Is that not what most of the activist groups are always fighting for?

Here's a copy of the flyer that people made for Meek Mill to celebrate him violating his parole/probation and going to jail.

You can't protest everything folks. Get over yourselves.

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