Quadriplegic man cries when told his food and water supply will stop

Since this story is heartbreaking, we recommend all sensitive people to think twice before reading it. It's about a paralyzed man in France, that can't fight for his life anymore.

And the people that going to finish it, are some members of his family and the French state with doctors.

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Vincent Lambert had a near-fatal car accident in 2008. It left him paralyzed, in a so-called tetraplegic state, which means that he is almost totally paralyzed. Almost, as he still was able to react to certain sounds, swallow and breathe by himself. By some people, he is described as partially conscious, while others would say that he is in a vegetative state.

Vincent's case divided his family. His parents wanted to keep him alive no matter what, while his wife and some other members of the family wanted to ease his suffering. And they fought that battle for years, while Vincent has been laying in the hospital since 2008.

Now it seems that the French top court agreed with his wife, but it's hard to name the process as "fast and pain-easing", as it took years. Vincent Lambert was finally disconnected from food and water supply, which means that he will die a slow death in the next days.

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Lambert's case was presented to the top tribunals in France and Europe, with the latest decision from 28th June that says that he should be allowed to die. But since the euthanasia is illegal in France, it won't be named as so, as technically, cutting him off from the food and water is not the same as killing him with poison.

But parents and their lawyer say that they are going to press for murder charges over the court's decision.

Meanwhile, his wife and most of his siblings say that he wouldn't like to live this way and were fighting for years for his "right to die" in a peaceful way. And the main problem was, that Lambert never wrote the last will with any instructions about such case.

This case left France deeply divided over euthanasia laws (currently illegal), unfortunately without Lambert's voice and opinion.

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