Chicago teens torture special needs kid and yell F*CK TRUMP

Some Chicago turds have been apprehended for questioning in connection with a group of African-Americans who allegedly kidnapped a special needs guy. What they did next was horrible. I don't know if they kidnapped him for real, or he tied himself up. I'm guessing on the side of kidnapping.

No one deserves this and no one should act like this. WTF is wrong with us?

His day was great until he was tied up, mouth taped shut, sleeves cut off, skull cut with a knife, kicked, punched, ashed on, drinking water out of a toilet, forced to curse out Donald Trump, and called a B*tch A** N*GGA 100 million times. I'm sure his day in the warzone of Chicago was going a lot better than this.

While the racists are torturing their kidnapped special needs victim, they're yelling some nonsense about F*CK TRUMP and F*CK WHITE PEOPLE. Now if this isn't a hate crime, then what the heck is? The moment they cursed out white people is the moment their crime escalated into the hate zone. You can beat the crap out of someone and get an assault charge, but if you call them a so-called slur of any sort, then you're in the hate crime territory.

I don't know how stupid you have to be to record a crime that was one syzurp sip away from being a homicide. This video could've gone much more wrong than this.

Back in our day we would have fist fights and not record them. And when we did really bad things, we certainly didn't record it. Everything needs to be online and get "LIKES" for instant gratification.

There is something seriously wrong with this next generation.

The people in the video do terrible things to him, but he will recover and probably be there in court when these four losers are being hauled off in an orange jump suit to serve at least ten years in prison.

The four perpetrators have been arrested. Now we play the waiting game and wonder if it really gets called a hate crime, because that's exactly what this is. That mayor in Chicago better do the right thing and not be a piece of crap weasel like he always is.

The use of the word N*GGA in this video means that word really has no meaning anymore.That word is used almost more than any other word in or out of the Webster dictionary. If it was such a serious word, then black folks wouldn't throw it around like its a frisbee.

If these guys can say it left and right like they're singing a Kanye West song, then everyone else can say it too.

At some point in our life the word NIGGA is another word. It's been used so many times in so many different ways that are not offensive to anyone, that at what point do we just say "OK, it's cool?"

Don't forget. No one owns a word.

Celebrities say it like it's nothing. People in this video toss it around like it's nothing. The word N*GGA has been devalued and demoted. It's no longer an offensive term. If it was so offensive, then people wouldn't use it so casually or sing it in rap songs when they're trying to bang chicks.

Saying n*gga is like calling someone "chappy" or "ol sport."


What's the difference if I say "hey chappy" or "hey nigga?"

Chappy might not be used by anyone anymore, or ever, so let's compare "nigga" to a relevant term.

Nigga is the black version of the word dude. You say po-ta-to. I po-tat-o. Same thing.

Does anyone go around saying "you better not call me the D word" in reference to "dude?"


Does anyone call it "the D word?'


My point exactly, ol sport!

From this point on, NIGGA is just another word. It's a weird time to announce that, what with a hate crime going on and all, but let's face the facts and get over it.

Nigga is just another word and anyone can say it. However, it's probably more intelligent if we just don't say it at all. Why does anyone need to say it? Why can't the angry racist guys just call him a "bitch ass dude" or "bitch ass chappy?"

If it was so racist, then why are black folks saying it like it's the third most used word in their vocabulary?

It's just another word.

Now if you say it with a hard -ER on the end, then you probably gonna end up like the guy in the video. You test that out yourself, because I'm not even going there.

No thanks.

Not it.

If you do, good luck and let me know how it works out for you.

Don't forget to live stream getting your butt kicked up and down the street so we can write an article on it.

We ALL need to get ourselves together and stop with the nonsense. We are all important and we need to treat each other with respect.

We should not ever see a crime like this.