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Racist Nurse who wanted White Baby Boys Sacrificed Gets Fired

An Indiana nurse tweeted that white women should sacrifice their babies as they were prone to become terrorists, racists, or rapists. After social media backlash and outrage over the racist tweet, there was something that happened to her. She was identified and fired from her job according to reports.

Taiyesha Baker posted her racist tweets via an account she thought could not be traced back to her.  Internet sleuths did not let the world down and soon identified Baker as the author of the incendiary tweets.

Baker had been employed at Indiana University Health less than a month before being identified as the racist nurse tweeting under an assumed name.  The administration of IU Health has confirmed they let Baker go after learning of her tweets.  Administrators told the press that they had conducted a thorough investigation spanning a few days regarding several troubling social media posts that appeared to have been made by a recently hired employee.

IU Health spokesperson Jason Fechner stated that Baker was no longer with the company but would not detail if she was fired or if she was asked to resign.  Fechner said he would not elaborate on the details of Baker's departure further due to company policy.

One of the most severe tweets said to have been made by Baker under the nickname 'Night Nurse' said that every white woman raises a detriment to society when they raise a son.  It continued that white children have the highest propensity to be terrorists, rapists, racists, killers and domestic violence criminals.  The tweets end with saying they believe history shows that every son a white woman has ever had should be sacrificed to the wolves.


IU Health said in an official statement that it became aware of troubling posts via social media which seem to be made by a recently hired IU Health employee and that their HR department had initiated an investigation into the situation and the authenticity of the said posts.  In the statement, IU Health stressed that during the investigation period, the employee would not have access to direct patient care.  Administrators also noted that at no time did Baker have access to patients at Riley Hospital for Children which is located on the same grounds at IU.

A few days later IU Health told of the conclusion to their investigation and only noted that the employee related to the social media posts was no longer an employee of their company.

Journalists reached out to Baker to learn her side of the story, but she could not be contacted.


Indiana state public records indicate that Baker's current nursing license was created on October 30th, 2017 and expires on the same date in 2019.

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