Rahm Emanuel slams Democratic candidates for criticizing Obama, says 'This Is Nuts!'

Rahm Emanuel, former mayor of Chicago, has now slammed Democratic candidates for criticizing former President Barack Obama. Emanuel's comments are in response to the second part of the second Democrat debate. Emanuel was on 'WSJ at Large with Gerry Baker' on the Fox Business Network and that's where his comments were made, most notably - "this is nuts."

As reported by the Washington Times, Gerald Seib, a guest moderator, said to Emanuel, "There were shots taken at President Barack Obama, the most powerful Democrat in the country, because Joe Biden was his vice president. That struck me as a little odd."

Emanuel responded, saying "a little? You can strike the word a little. The guy is at 90% favorability among Democrats. He’s the most successful, progressive, prolific president — who had an incredible chief of staff, let me just say that — since the Great Society.


What are they doing? Every element of progressivity — from literally Woodrow Wilson and Teddy Roosevelt to Franklin Roosevelt to the Great Society and forward — builds on the progress of the generations before, for generations to come. This is nuts!"

Rahm Emanuel was clearly irritated by Democrat candidates attacking his former boss just because former Vice President Joe Biden is running for president.

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