Rapist Upset After Finding Out Victim Had HIV

Convicted rapist, Richard Thomas, was sent to prison for 5 years after pleasing guilty to rape.  

Thomas worked his way into the victim's house and raped the woman while she slept after she had reportedly taken a sleeping pill.  Thomas says he had been drinking and taking drugs, and doesn't remember the attack.

'She froze and no words were exchanged. He pulled up his shorts and left,' said Harry Pepper, prosecutor.  

"He was arrested and interviewed and said he had been drinking heavily, taken cocaine and ecstasy and could not recall the incident,' he added.

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Making this particularly heinous is that Thomas told prosecutors that he knew the victim already had an existing illness, he just didn't know what it was in particular.

Turns out, it was HIV.  

Although Thomas says the victim "would not lie," he also tries to deflect culpability because he had been drinking and taking drugs and doesn't remember the attack. How's that for a played out scapegoat excuse?  I think I'll tell my editor the dog ate my sickening HIV rape article... From my computer.  

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Richard Thomas, who has young daughters and a long time girlfriend, also says he has been trying to contact his family, but they want nothing to do with him.  I wonder why?  Let's ponder that for a moment.

You rape a drugged-up, ill woman and possibly catch HIV and instantly your family name goes viral (excuse the pun) across the internet as the epitome of instant karma and you wonder why your family wants nothing to do with you?

The Daily Mail in the UK reports that he collapsed when he learned of her HIV infection and asked to be taken to the hospital when police informed him that he could be infected. Defending counsel Virginia Hayton told the Liverpool Crown Court "It is his own fault. If he had not committed this offense he would not have placed himself in this position."  Hayton added that Richard Thomas "is remorseful and cannot understand why he did it and it is troubling him."

His OWN LAWYER even says, in not exactly the same words, that he REAPS WHAT HE SOWS! Or better yet, he RAPED what he sowed? Another bad pun?

Richard Thomas knew the woman had another illness but was unaware of the HIV, Liverpool Crown Court heard.

When the 27-year-old was told she had the disease, he collapsed in "shock" and asked to be taken to hospital for tests to see if he had contracted the virus.

He had let himself into her home uninvited in the middle of the night and she awoke to find him raping her from behind.

"She froze and no words were exchanged. He pulled up his shorts and left," said Harry Pepper, prosecuting.

"He was arrested and interviewed and said he had been drinking heavily, taken cocaine and ecstasy and could not recall the incident," he added.

Jailing Thomas for five years and four months, Judge Mark Brown said that he had committed 'this dreadful offense' while the victim lay asleep, having taken a sleeping tablet, and it had left her distressed and anxious. Judge Brown also ordered Thomas to sign the Sex Offenders Register for life.

Should Thomas be upset about his possibly contracting HIV?  Of course he should.  He should probably be a little upset about raping an incapacitated woman!

What kind of a sicko does something as brutal as this then has the nerve to seem more worried that he contracted a disease he MAY HAVE GOTTEN while RAPING a sleeping woman?  I understand self-preservation as a natural instinct, but come on.  If he were truly regretful for what he did he would understand the irony or karmic justice that has been served.  His measly 5 years and 4 months jail term is not long enough.  This sorry excuse for a human being should be locked up and the keys thrown away.  If someone can do what he did, he will do it again.  It's clearly NOT NORMAL and not safe for society as a whole.

Unfortunately for those who believe this pervert should have received instant karma, the lack of any followup to this story concerning the results of his test lead me to conclude that he did not, in fact, contract the disease.  If he had actually contracted HIV from the rape, it would have led to another media firestorm about the controversial karma case.

Rot away in prison, jerk!  Enjoy that lifelong VIP listing on the Sex Offenders Register!

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