UPDATE: Rashida Tlaib's scarf on House Floor is not official 'symbol of Hamas terrorists'

UPDATE and CORRECTION - this story has been fact checked by Arijeta Lajka of AP. They reported that the scarf is not an official garment that stands for terrorism nor was it designed for them, however many people around the world have been wearing it - despite their individual reasons.

AP reported on this by giving their assessment of the article and reason why it was rated as "false" - despite it being a quote of what the Imam of Peace said on Twitter. This leads us to believe that when people make claims on social media, that we should double check them before writing them, regardless of it being a quote or not.

AP's fact check stated:

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CLAIM: Photo shows Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib wearing the “symbol of Hamas terrorists.”
AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. Tlaib is wearing a keffiyeh, a checkered scarf that has come to embody Palestinian solidarity. The scarf does not represent the Islamist militant group Hamas. 
THE FACTS: A photo circulating on social media shows the Michigan representative wearing a keffiyeh during Dec. 6 remarks against H.Res326, a resolution promoting a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The photo circulated on Facebook with the false caption that the scarf was a symbol of Hamas. 
“The keffiyeh has nothing to do with Hamas per se, people all over the world wear it,” Evan Renfro, a scholar who has written about the meaning behind the keffiyeh, told The AP in a phone call.

The scarf came to represent “a solidarity with the Palestinian people,” said Renfro, a professor of political science at the University of Northern Iowa. “There’s no connotation with terrorism.”

The scarf, which became identified with the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, who made it an indispensable part of his wardrobe, has not always had political connotations. Originally, it was used to keep the sun and dust out of laborers’ eyes. It later came to represent Arab nationalists against colonial rule. 
To this day, the design is popular in Palestinian art and culture, synonymous with the struggle to obtain Palestinian rights under Israeli occupation.

It should also be clarified that when I originally wrote this article, I quoted the Imam of Peace who made the statement. The original article was merely a quote of what he said, as shown by the use of quotes and then the inclusion of his Tweeted message

The original story is as follows:

Rashida Tlaib was on the House Floor wearing what's referred to as a 'keffiyeh' and was called out on social media for it. The She was on the House Floor to vote against HR-326, and for some odd reason showed up wearing the same scarf that many Palestinian terrorists are seen wearing.

Tlaib said, during her opposition, "I rise today as a proud granddaughter of a strong, loving Palestinian woman, my Sity... And for me to stand up for her human dignity, I must oppose House Resolution 326."

Again, this goes back to her grandmother, who she wanted to visit, was told to visit, and then declined to visit.

So why is her scarf considered something that terrorists wear? Well, according to the Imam of Peace, on Twitter, there are photographs of them wearing the same scarf.

He posted the following, saying "That’s not just any scarf. That has become the symbol of Hamas terrorists. Any modest politician would distance themselves from it in order to avoid any indirect support to terrorists. I’m sure Palestinians have other cultural clothings. Why the insistence on wearing this one?"

He also posted a photograph of the terrorists wearing it. They wear it in a different way, but now this leads people to believe Tlaib indirectly supports terrorism. Or maybe it's directly. One would have to ask Tlaib herself if that's the case.

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