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Man Creates Most Disturbing Homemade Sex Doll You'll Ever See

This homemade sex doll could be the most weirdly disturbing thing you'll see all day and possibly for the rest of the week. You may have trouble looking at it, but you might not be able to stop staring at it either. The amount of work and detail that went into creating this f*ckable love monster could've been energy conjured to start an online donation page on GoFundMe to buy a Russian bride or collusion date with Putin.


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But nah, let's make the stuffed f*ck buddy at home. No need to go to the bar and pick up a sloppy drunk woman with all these Hollywood accusations running rampant. It's easier to hook up with an inanimate object than it is to create one the way Bill Cosby does with his magic pills. So that's what Redditor zeppelin_weapon has done for us. They've created the ultimately most disturbing piece of f*ckery you can ever see in your life. It's like a creature from a scary video game and the 3am drunk slob you pick up at the bar combined. Just as ugly and just as stiff in the mattress.

Nerve writer, Kate Hakala, summed it perfectly when she said "I have seen more aesthetically pleasing things come up after I've snaked a toilet" and I couldn't agree more.

I don't think you can order this on eBay, but perhaps you can stop by Reddit and ask zeppelin_weapon to hand craft your own weapon of (m) ass destruction.


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