Rep. Erica Thomas claims man said 'go back where you came from' - this video suggests differently

Pregnant Rep. Erica Thomas made viral claims that a white man told her to 'go back where you came from' while they were shopping in a grocery store called Publix. She also made claims that she feared for her life. Now it appears that Rep. Thomas is backtracking on her claims after the so-called suspect has denied this and there's also video evidence from the store's surveillance system. However, those videos do not have audio - but it's possible that it can be determined by reading their lips. Another witness has come forward and also stated that the man did NOT make the racist "go back where you came from" comment.

According to other sources, such as people who have interviewed them, this confrontation appears to have started when she was in the express lane trying to checkout a lot more items than what is normally permitted. It seems like they exchanged verbal blows, but then Rep. Thomas turned the story into a massively exaggerated incident and added comments that the man did not say.

The cool part is this - we have video of both Rep. Thomas and the man she claims made racist comments and they're in the video, next to each other, and it does not seem like the man is a threat to her. This video suggests that a very different story happened that day, and that Rep. Thomas pulled a "Jussie Smollett" and fabricated her version of the story.


According to news reporter Jasmina Alston, they were set to interview Rep. Thomas and the man she made claims against showed up unexpectedly, which is somewhat funny. At least he showed up to defend himself, as he should if what Thomas is saying is not actually true.

So do we have Jussie Smollett number two on our hands?

Not trying to sound offensive, but one of her claims was that she feared for her life. Just by looking at him, he looks to be maybe 5ft tall if he's lucky and she clearly towers over him. Most people usually aren't afraid of someone much smaller than them, and she definitely does not look afraid of him considering how aggressive she's being.
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