Rep. Jerry Nadler wants $4 billion in emergency relief funds for NYC museums

Jerry Nadler is receiving very bad feedback after openly demanding $4 billion in relief funds just to keep NYC museums open beyond the ongoing pandemic.

Nadler stated on his account, staying "NYC isn't NYC without our non-profit museums. But if we want our museums to survive COVID-19, we need to protect them NOW. That's why I led the NYC Congressional delegation with @RepMaloney in calling for $4 billion in emergency funds to equip museums to outlast this pandemic."

Rep. Nadler has over 350,000 followers on Twitter, and this message had only received 495 retweets and just 900 likes in over 24 hours. That's a very low number in comparison to his 350k followers, which means almost none of his followers agree or support this.

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If you ask me, and you should always ask me because my opinions are the best, this would be an absolute waste of money and I would rather see the museums shut down for good. I don't care about a bunch of old art or anything like that when there's more important things going on.

There's another thing - the museums don't need money. You want to know why?

Because the people who donate to them are worth BILLIONS on their own. Why don't you ask the donors for a few bucks to stay open and stop stealing money from America?

Cernovich posted the one and only fact we needed to see, to know that Jerry Nadler is acting like a huge scam artist. Cernovich quoted a Vanity Fair article that said, "As Vanity Fair noted last year, the Met is the largest art museum in America and has an endowment of $2.5 billion. Its trustees have a combined net worth of $500 billion."

So now that you're aware of the billions the donors are worth, those donors can take care of it and Jerry Nadler can keep his greasy fingers off the money that should be designated for Americans.

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