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Rep. Matt Gaetz gets revenge on Andrew Gillum

You know that failed gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum who was found in a hotel room with some crystal meth and two guys, a possible overdose, and a not-so-straight male "tute?" Well, that same Andrew Gillum had lashed out at Rep. Matt Gaetz back in November of last year, calling him a criminal.

Now that Gillum was involved in a meth incident in a Florida hotel room, Gaetz finally got his revenge and it probably crushed Gillum's entire soul and every chance he had of being a governor in the future.

Here's what Gillum said about Gaetz:

Here's what's true. Gaetz was arrested for a DUI. Big mistake, of course.

Here's where Matt Gaetz gets revenge on Andrew Gillum, and it's really, really, funny. Gaetz said, "There is only one of us who gets methed-out in hotel rooms with guys in Miami.....YOU!!!"

To be clear, Gillum said he was only drinking and there's no official confirmation he was "methed up" at this time.


Either way, being found in a hotel room with meth and two guys isn't a good look for anyone unless you're going to the Pride Parade this year.

And hey, if that's what Gillum is into, that's his choice.

Now here's the really fun part - all the replies that got a ton of attention. People called out Gaetz. People called out Gillum.


To put it lightly, Matt Gaetz made a lot of people very mad on the Internet and you'll spot them instantly.

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