Rep. Omar calls Stephen Miller a 'white nationalist' then someone finally tells her, ..... pssssst - he's Jewish!


Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar referred to someone as a "white nationalist" and then she got the bad news that oops - she's totally wrong. Omar posted on Twitter, "Stephen Miller is a white nationalist. The fact that he still has influence on policy and political appointments is an outrage" and linked to an article by Splinter News that refers to Miller as Trump's "tougher" ICE guy.

No matter what people think of Miller and his hairline, there's one fact that we cannot ignore. Miller is Jewish and Omar just called him a white nationalist. Even worse is that it was Omar, who has been called out for her own horrible commentary regarding Israel, so this is a mess all of its own.

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Joel B. Pollak chimed on on Twitter, stating: "Steve Miller is a Jew. An American Jew. A patriot. Not a "white nationalist." I don't believe you should be calling a Jew anything, Ms. Omar."

Many others wrote in as well. It seems like Omar gets called out for being wrong or inappropriate on almost every tweet she posts. She is not very popular in Congress and even her own Democratic Party has taken steps to remove her from office.

Many people aren't sure how she got elected or what the voters in her location were thinking. She does not seem fit for Congress and representation of the American people.

Here are some other messages calling her out. This constantly happens and we have to wonder if she'll ever resign or get replaced.