Report says 'shouting and shrieking' heard from Esptein's jail cell

The unusual demise of Jeffrey Epstein now shares gruesome details on the morning of his death. A source informed CBS news of the shouting and shrieking coming from Epstein’s jail cell with correction officers attempting to revive him, telling him to breathe.

The latest information regarding the continued investigation of Epstein’s “suicide” raises questions on the situation that led to his death under the supervision of the Metropolitan Correctional Center. This bizarre information is that one of Epstein’s guards, that was supposed to be a regular corrections officer, turns out to not be one.


Attorney General William Barr criticizes the institution where the disgraced financier and exposed pedophile was held. In a report, Barr expressed anger on the failure of the MCC to secure its prisoner. In addition to that, he promises to get to the bottom of this and will find those who should be held accountable in this mishap.

The accused sex trafficker’s private islands located in the Virgin Islands was raided by government investigators this Monday.

Though Epstein is gone, his potential co-conspirators involved in his crimes are now under the spotlight. Famous British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell is one of those accused of providing network in recruiting underage girls for sex. Her Maxwell is said to be Epstein's ex-girlfriend turned business associate. Her current location is unknown.


Court documents dating from 2011 reveal several apartments near Epstein’s townhouse that allegedly housed underage girls from many nationalities.

Barr warns anyone who will try to evade justice by assuring that this case will continue. That any conspirators would not rest east as they will go against anyone who is complicit with Epstein. That the victims will get the justice they deserve.

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