Republicans get Big win in Texas special election, I guess Biden influence didn't pan out

Texas Sixth Congressional District held a special election this weekend and GOP came out on top! Many speculated that having Democrat President Joe Biden in office would help sway voters to lean left, but that wasn't the case.

NBC News reported that "more than 60 percent of the vote went to Republicans, and less than 40 percent went to Democrats."

Now those two Republicans will square up and see who takes the Congressional District in Texas.

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I guess Joe Biden's influence alone wasn't enough. Perhaps his boring first 100 days simply didn't keep anyone salivating for more Democrat Kool-Aid.

Fox News reported on the details and also showed another perspective on the Texas special election:

The results were seen as a blow to Democrats because two Republicans earned enough votes to advance to a runoff. Susan Wright, the wife of the late Republican Rep. Ron Wright, was followed in votes by Jake Ellzey who eked out a win over Democrat Jana Lynne Sanchez. (Sanchez conceded in a social media post. She lost by about 400 votes.)

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John Fund, a national affairs columnist for the National Review, took to Twitter on Sunday to consider the outcome of the race and the general popularity of a president who just released his vision for the future of the country.

"If Biden Is So Popular, Why This?" Fund asked, linking to a story with the election result. "Republicans grabbed the two runoff slots in the Texas 6 special election yesterday. Dems were shut out, their candidates won a total 36% in a Dallas area seat that Trump carried by only 3 points last November."

I'm over here thinking it's good to see people waking up and noticing just how bad the Democrats have become over the years.

Some of the things they're doing is just outlandish.

For example, Joe Biden once slammed Trump for restricting travel.

Now Biden is set to restrict travel from India. To make it worse, or more stupid, Biden announces the travel ban days in advance instead of banning travel on the spot.

You don't tell people you're going to ban travel next week because that gives people all those days to fly from that stricken country to ours, putting people at an uncessary risk.

If you're going to ban travel, then you do it ON THE SPOT.

If there's Americans stuck in India, then compensate them for a hotel room until it's safe to fly home.

If America can pay for illegal immigrants to stay in hotel rooms, then there's no reason we can't pay for Americans to stay in hotels until it's safe for them to fly home.

The Democrats just don't make any sense half the time. It's like common sense avoids them at all costs.

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