Researchers identify the first-ever image of Dark Matter

University of Waterloo researchers have released the first picture of dark matter bridge connecting two galaxies.  Scientists are putting real heavy amount of work into these theories. The last one I read was about the success of teleportation of atoms. Now, everything scientists do interests me just like a fiction movie.

Dark matter is a hypothetical concept. Most scientists believe that there is much more to the universe than what is visible to us. A quarter of our universe is made of dark matter. The dark matter doesn't interact with electromagnetic radiations (e.g Light) and thus is invisible to us. But the dark matter is never observed by the scientists directly yet but exists in concepts because of its gravitational.

Scientists inferred its properties from it's gravitational effects. It must be kept in mind that dark matter and dark energy are two different concepts.  A Dutch astronomer Jacobus Kapteyn first suggested the existence of dark matter in 1922. There have been hypothesis by other scientists about this concept since then. More scientist are trying to either prove or disprove it's existence for the sake helping us understand our universe better.

Thanks to Marvel & DC Comics/Movies, Our generation is aware of the terms like Dark matter, Dark energy e.t.c. We are able to imagine the impossible possibilities of the universe with the dark matter in it. It is enough that we understand the term a little. It is enough to imagine it's existence. Because it might change the way we all see this universe. University of Waterloo have probably taken a giant step in the right direction.

Researchers at the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Ontario say they’ve captured the first composite image of something that – although astronomers have talked about it for decades – has been hitherto unseen, and in fact undetected. They say it’s an image of dark matter, a connection point in the great cosmic web in which our universe’s billions of galaxies are thought to be embedded. The Royal Astronomical Society, which published the new work in its peer-reviewed Monthly Notices, said in an April 12, 2017 statement:

The composite image, which combines a number of individual images, confirms predictions that galaxies across the universe are tied together through a cosmic web connected by dark matter that has until now remained unobservable.

If this research is accepted – and replicated – by other astronomers, then it flies in the face of other astronomers’ suggestions that perhaps dark matter doesn’t exist, or doesn’t exist in the way we think it exists, after all.

Why do astronomers think dark matter exists? After all, prior to this image, no one has ever claimed to have observed it directly, much less captured its image. Yet dark matter holds an honored place in astronomical theory; it’s an integral part of the Lambda Cold Dark Matter model – sometimes called the standard model of Big Bang cosmology – a widely accepted model of how our universe works and a model that agrees well with what astronomers believe they see, when they look out into deep space.

The Waterloo researchers combined images from more than 23,000 galaxies around 4.5 light years away to create this composite image.

This picture infers that dark matter connects two galaxies, it sounds very interesting to the fans of fiction. Lets explain it on a smaller scale, Imagine If two planets were connected via dark matter, It would sound more exciting because then we would imagine earth being connected to other planet through dark matter. Just like we saw in so many movies. Fiction would not be fiction anymore and everything will change. It would change the way we think about this world. But sadly this picture does not speak about the planets.

This picture represents galaxies. My excitement is still the same. If this proved right, our galaxy Milky way might be connected to some other galaxy through dark matter. We would gain a million possibilities to gain more knowledge about the way things in space works. It will be a giant leap towards the understanding of the dark matter, the galaxy and our universe. For a change, Our textbooks will be updated.

Our universe started with a big bang and it is expanding. If it is expanding, It wouldn't be wrong to assume that it was once smaller, maybe as small as a point. The way our universe expands, it is believed that there is a dark matter bridge that binds the universe together and is known as cosmic web. Basically, the sheets of dark matter makes a cosmic web.

Most of us don't realize, These theories are very important for the search of the truth of the universe and the survival of human beings.

These theories unraveling the mystery of dark matter would help scientists explain a lot of things about this universe that remain unanswered till today. After all the great possibilities, If we do find the cosmic webs and the way to travel through it, maybe one day we will meet Thor.

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