Restaurant intends to use giant inflatable tubes to keep customers 6 feet apart

One restaurant in Maryland intends to use these ridiculous giant inflatable tubes that appear to be connected to a table on wheels.

First of all, no thanks. I will stay home before I do this.

Second, again - no thanks. I would probably get stuck in line for house as the restaurant probably has about 12 people inside and there is not one restaurant worth waiting that long for except for Arby's.

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Third, I'm kidding about the Arby's place, but I might wait ten minutes for some Chick-fil-A.

But honestly, I do not want this to be the new normal. I think the new normal is nothing more than a catchphrase the media throws out there to make us think this is all acceptable when it's clearly not.

And by the way, if you catch me in the bar wearing this ridiculous contraption with a few friends, you know after two sips of White Claw we're going to be running into each other. I cannot imagine this will ever be a good idea for any establishment who serves hard drinks.

How does an obese person get in one of these?

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