Rihanna says Trump is the 'most mentally ill' person in America

Rihanna accuses current U.S. president Donald Trump of being the "Most mentally ill person in America". This stems from the problem on mass shootings that is currently troubling America. The singer disagrees with the president on this matter of mental illness being a factor.


In her interview with Vogue magazine, the Barbadian native spoke about the president’s belief of mental illness as the cause of mass shootings. Many people do see poor mental health as part of the reason as to why there are mass shootings. Rihanna, on the other hand, does not.

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Regarding the random killings taking place nationwide, she said it was devastating. That the fact that these weapons can be legally purchased is not normal. She said that if it were a man of a different color who did that, it will be deemed an act of terrorism. Hence, she came to the conclusion that the president is the most mentally ill person in America, because of his beliefs. 


She believes that mass shootings should be seen as acts of terrorism and for people to stop being racist towards it. The latest mass shooting in El Paso still troubles her to this day. The fact that it’s happening makes her feel sick to her stomach. The singer is also in a controversy with her Vogue interview where she narrated her denying of the Super Bowl LII gig to support Kaepernick.

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