Robber Posing as Pizza Delivery Driver Shoots Homeowner

In a home botched home invasion, a suspect posing as a pizza delivery driver showed up on the doorstep of a house on the 200 block of Garrett Street in Northeast Philadelphia. He was asking the resident if he had ordered a pizza. When the homeowner said he did not, the perpetrator rushed the man as he was closing the door in an attempt to get back inside. The victim charged like a crazy pit bull at the homeowner.  In a rare moment of mental clarity for this criminal, the fake deliveryman did an immediate 180 degree turn and headed for the hills, but not before firing in the direction of the homeowner and the dog, striking the 49-year-old victim in his lower back.

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Luckily the victim was taken quickly to Einstein Medical Center and is in stable condition.  This all went down in broad daylight at around 1:15 p.m. last Tuesday, the 26th of September.

Police found a half-eaten pizza in the box used as a prop for this crime.  Maybe the criminal wanted to act out his possible final supper in the event he murdered the man and was caught.

I give the robber points for creativity, regardless of how irresponsible and hurtful it is to the community and the people living there. The victim was lucky that he was not killed.

I can't stop thinking about the half-eaten pizza.  If I was a criminal, then I'd commit my felonies on a full stomach in case I got snatched up by the police or caught a bullet.  While there's no sense in any of this, at least there is some semblance of sense to not waste half of a pizza.  Maybe I like pizza way too much.

On the good news side of things, the victim's wife was upstairs at the time of the incident and she was not harmed.  She was able to call 911 quickly in order to help her injured husband.

The alleged gunman is is still on the loose and Philly police are asking anyone with information to call 911.

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