Robert De Niro 'might even be happier' if Mueller puts Trump in handcuffs and orange jumpsuit

Anti-Trump actor Robert De Niro still wants President Trump thrown in handcuffs, an orange jumpsuit, and a life of three hots and a cot in prison. De Niro seems to be convinced that Trump is guilty of collusion with Russia during the 2016 election, even though special counsel Robert Mueller found no such evidence.

De Niro has spent the last few years disliking President Trump and wishing the worst for him. He was quoted by the Hollywood Reporter as saying, "I might even be happier the day that Mueller puts him in handcuffs, takes him in an orange jumpsuit and puts him away for a long time."

The actor also stated that he thought it was his "civic duty" to play the role of Robert Mueller during a "Saturday Night Live" skit.He said, "I consider it my civic duty to do that part — just to be there because [Mueller] doesn't say much, but he doesn’t have to. It's that simple."


De Niro's biggest anti-Trump moment was during last year's Tony Awards when he stated, "fuck Trump."

De Niro is a huge non-supporter of President Trump and has been extremely outspoken against the president since he was elected after defeating Hillary Clinton.

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