Romney weighs in on Climate Change, wants to charge us a Carbon Tax

Senator Mitt Romney said on Monday that we are already experiencing climate change as we speak, and the only ones to blame are ourselves. He is now suggesting a carbon tax to go along with the climate change he's weighing in on.


Admitting that he firmly disagrees with many of his Republican colleagues on climate issues, Romney gave a speech at the conservative Sutherland Institute in Salt Lake City about the rising challenges we face as he proclaimed that humans are to blame for it. Romney admitted that it's easier to talk about such issues with younger conservatives rather than older ones.

Romney also talked about the benefits of a carbon tax, which some major oil companies have already started to use. A carbon tax is a fee based on each ton of carbon dioxide emissions produced by fossil fuels. Romney suggested a portion of the revenue could go to coal workers in rural communities that would suffer financially from the move to cleaner alternatives.

This certainly isn't the first time he's disagreed with his own party on climate change, or other issues for that matter, but this is certainly a topic Romney has remained very firm on for almost a decade. During his 2018 campaign for U.S. Senate in Utah, Romney noted that "climate realities" will make wildfires more common and destructive.


In an article from the Los Angeles Times from 2012, Romney reportedly spent a great deal of time working on a major climate change plan to reduce the state’s greenhouse gas emissions, mostly during the first year and a half of his term as governor of Massachusetts.

From the 2012 article:

As staff briefed him on possible measures and environmentalists pressed him to act, Romney frequently repeated a central thought, people at those meetings said: That climate change is occurring, that the United States has the resources to handle its vast impact but that low-lying poor countries like Bangladesh would suffer greatly.

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While it appears that Romney has slowly been breaking away from the Republican Party,especially after Donald Trump took office, he certainly still agrees with them on several issues.

Romney has opposed the "Green New Deal", intended to fight climate change. He's called it "silliness" in part because much of the growth in emissions is coming from developing countries rather than the U.S.

Instead, Romney added, the U.S. should provide incentives to develop cleaner energy sources while also helping people who work in industries that could be left behind, such as coal mining.

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