Roundup: Trump takes out bad guy, Democrats can't stand it

President Donald Trump faces criticism from top Democrats this week after he had the United States military terminate a top Iranian general responsible for mass amounts of casualties including Americans. In other words - Trump took out a major bad guy, people overseas are clapping for joy and dancing in the streets, but Democrats have found every reason to complain about it

It's one of those things where if former President Barack Obama had done the same thing, the Democrats would be licking his shoes and praising him like he's the second coming of Christ. Instead, there's top Democrat figures like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi complaining, celebrities whining from inside their Hollywood bubble, and loads of no-bodies on social media acting like this is a bad thing and we're about to hit World War III and the draft starts tomorrow.

As with every military action, there could always be a reaction in the form of retaliation. But, this is America and if anyone were to retaliate after we take out a known "bad guy" - then 1) that would be a very bad idea, and 2) they would get annihilated. Do you want to get annihilated today? Do ya, punk?

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Here's my favorite news stories of the day:

Maxine Waters falls for Greta Thunberg joke.

Watching gender reveal party go to far, aka an actual explosion.

Twice failed presidential candidate hired by university in Ireland.

Today's poll - what do you see in this photo?

Biden caught in lie about Bin Laden raid.

See ya, time to go home now.

NY Times journalist makes big mistake.

What it's like when you're stuck in New Jersey.

Grisham unloads, as needed.

Good news for Marines, they're allowed to be armed on base.

Hunter Biden hit with tax lien, ouch.

Chuck Schumer gets called out, as deserved.

Get a FREE $2 bill with Trump on it.

Pope caught slapping another person.

Iranian protesters are happy about what happened.

Put this flag in your yard to trigger liberals.

Also, we have fact checked this Democrat meme and found out that Trump is not actually our daddy. We all have a different daddy. However, there will most likely be a fact checker looking at this so we decided to skip the DNA test and just admit - he's not our father.

He is the president though! BOOM!

Is Joe Biden mentally unfit to be president?

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