Rudy G. reveals prosecutor fired because of Joe Biden got poisoned


Rudy Giuliani has opened the biggest can of worms on social media I have seen this week and it's only Monday. Giuliani went on an open thread, in public, on Twitter, and revealed that a main potential Burisma witness, a prosecutor who got fired because of Joe Biden, was later poisoned, died twice, and was revived. This was a man who had the ability to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden for corruption.

His name is Viktor Shokin and he was a top prosecutor in the Ukraine. Joe Biden was on video suggesting that he be fired. As quoted by Business Insider, "Trump and his attorney Rudy Giuliani have suggested that Biden improperly leveraged his role as vice president to push for the ousting of a man named Viktor Shokin as Ukraine's top prosecutor in order to help his son avoid getting caught up in corruption investigations." Later in the same article, they posted that "For months before that, the US and other countries had pressured for Shokin to be ousted because he didn't make a concerted effort to fight corruption. Biden, who was spearheading the Obama administration's Ukraine work, was at the center of these efforts, and threatened to withhold $1 billion in loan guarantees from Ukraine if Shokin wasn't fired."


This surely raises some eyebrows as to who's doing what, and who's investigating who. It almost seems like there's corruption at every level and the Biden's were pointing one finger to get someone fired, but that same person, Shokin, may have wanted to see what the Biden's were up to. So in theory, it makes sense as to why the Biden's would want him outed.

I don't think anyone expected to learn that he was poisoned.

Here's Rudy Giuliani's thread so you can see what he wrote, then talk about it with your peers as we unravel this mystery together.

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