Word on the streets is that Russia is possibly claiming that Hillary Clinton had something to do with the assassination of Russian Ambassador Adrei Karlov. 62-year-old Karlov was speaking at an art gallery in Ankara when he was shot in the back by a Turkish policeman who screamed “don’t forget Aleppo.”

Hard to forget when you’re bleeding out on the floor of an art exhibit. Much harder to do anything when you’re no longer living.

The gunman was shot down and here we are with conspiracy theories swirling every which way the wing takes us.

The rumor is that Russia blames Hillary. The question is if she had anything to do with this assassination. Did she order it? Does she know who did? Was the assassin a lone gunmen who went loopy?

The motive is said to be circling around the concept of getting revenge on the Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

Could Hillary have someone wiped out if she wanted? I believe so. She’s a woman with connections, just like any other highly known politician. I’m sure she could send a few emails make a few phone calls and have someone obliterated and blame it on a health condition.

I don’t believe Hillary had anything to do with this. Here’s why. It’s too obvious. I think her style would’ve been to have Karlov slip and fall so hard that he cracks his skull on the business end of assassin boots like Edward Norton curb stomping someone in American History X.

Contrarily, this could be Hillary’s style. Make the assassination so obviously stupid, get the shooter killed, and have zero witnesses. She would say to the media “I don’t know that crazy guy, I have nothing to do with that” and there’s probably no link between her and the Turkish policeman. Now what may have happened, and this is conspiracy talk, is that she hired the Turkish shooter to pull the trigger, said he would get arrested, then told him he would be set free somewhere else with loads of money. Then when he walked out of the room, she told another person/cop – “make sure you shoot him when this is over” which eliminates the leaks except for the hero who gets a secret payday.

And of course, this could all be wild speculation and two enemies playing the blame game.

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that Hillary and Putin don’t seem to like each other and both of them could have either wiped out in a matter of seconds. There’s no doubt in my mind that both of them have enough connections to make something happen if they really wanted to.


Fort-Russ – The former Secretary of State and presidential candidate had a very serious motive to order this crime. This motive is not rational, but this does not mean that it is any less serious. This motive is exacting personal revenge on the Russian president. But let’s start with the other question: did Hillary Clinton have the capability of organize the murder of the Russian ambassador? Yes. 

Turkish authorities are already saying that the murder was linked to the Fethullah Gulen’s secret organization which is famous for its close ties to the CIA and US State Department. As experts following Islamic organizations are saying, the claim that the armed Jaish al-Fath opposition coalition (earlier known as Al-Nusra) had taken responsibility for Andrey Karlov’s murder turned out to be a fake. 


Putting all of these factors together, the theory that the murderer worked for Gulen’s organization is more convincing. This organization’s links to the CIA and State Department are well known. They include financing as well as legal, organizational, and informational support. No wonder Gulen has lived in the US for many years and American authorities refuse to extradite this “preacher” to Turkey.

If the killer really is from this organization, and this is precisely what Turkish authorities are saying, then there are only two variants to explain what happened: (1) either Gulen has gone insane and lost all fear and sense of self-preservation and decided to sanction the murder of the Russian ambassador without approval from his American sponsors and old friends, or (2) he got permission or even the order from someone to organize this assassination.

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