Russia thought THIS would slow down speeding drivers


Some folks in Russia tried to slow down speeding drivers on a very busy road. They tossed a few barely dressed ladies out there with signs and the results were shocking. People DID slow down, but that's because they wanted a better look at the attractive women who looked like they just came from a Hugh Hefner sleepover. Didn't their parents teach them not to play in traffic? Or how about not to leave the house looking like a girl who wants to get busy in a Burger King bathroom? And, why aren't these girls hanging out on I-95 during rush hour? Where's America's version of this? russian girls traffic

Unilad - In this particular experiment, set up by?Autodvijenie, the effort?proved successful as the majority of people did indeed slow down ? surprise surprise. The footage was originally shot in 2013, however, it has since resurfaced due to many Russians urging the government to come up with different solutions to conquer the nation?s traffic problems.

Here's the video. There was an uncensored version floating around YouTube, but as you know, YouTube would of course remove it. They'll remove this, but they won't remove half the other junk on it. These girls must be too desirable. They slowed down traffic, so they probably slow down the servers too. shes perfect beetleguice Thank you Russia. This was awesome. The American version would possibly be ruined by Lena Dunham. Because, feminism. Lena Dunham

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