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Russian Girls Learn How To Assemble Rifles, We're Busy With Men In Girls Bathroom And 85 Genders

Want to see the difference between Russian daughters and the liberal kids in America? Well, thanks to ABC News, we now see Russian girls who can assemble a rifle faster than a liberal can get PTSD from firing one.

However, in America, we have to deal with our kids sitting in front of drag queens at the library or if a full grown man is begging for access to the girls bathroom.

On top of that, we are constantly being reminded about safe spaces from echo chambers and all I want my kid to do is urinate without being scared of a 6-foot man in a dress using the stall next to her.

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Top that off with boys joining girls sports, winning, and the girls having everything they worked for lost because of someone's gender dysphoria, and I am pretty sure I would rather my kid be in a rifle assembly contest than worrying about the bathroom nonsense.

Either way you think about it is your choice and I don't care how you feel - not my interest or problem.

But here's ABC's video for you to enjoy and let me tell ya, the comment section was LIT.

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Kalashnikovs as toys: Russian children as young as 6 take part in a competition to assemble rifles as fast as possible — and the quickest performance took less than 27 seconds


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