Sam Bee used meme video to make fun of Trump, but flopped big time

Comedian Sam Bee posted a meme video for the 20th anniversary of the movie Scream and the video made fun of President Donald Trump. It was supposed to be cool or funny, but it actually sucked really, really bad. I always give memes the benefit of the doubt because they're supposed to be funny and make us laugh - and if an anti-Trump meme is funny, I always laugh at those too. To be honest, we have an overweight orange president and if you're not laughing at those memes, then you just have no sense of humor and possibly an anger management problem - because a funny meme is funny, no matter what.

However, Sam Bee posted a meme video that was simply stupid as anything and it's sad that a so-called COMEDIAN with a show page that has 630,000+ followers could barely get 100 retweets. In fact, when I first saw her lame-duck video, she only had 77 retweets and I mentioned it in a reply to her. That means out of the 630,000+ followers and anyone else who may have seen it, barely 100 people thought it was funny enough to share on their own Twitter feed.

I am pretty sure I could post a photo of a chihuahua's butthole and it would get just as many retweets if I tell people it was to compete with Sam Bee.

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Wanna see the video now? Sure you do.

To make this complete leftist dud more hilarious, she doesn't even have 20 comments on it at the time of this story. Are ya serious? Are her 630,000+ fans on the Full Frontal page actually real followers? Surely you would think at least twice this amount would reply to that, especially since Sam Bee is somewhat on the liberal side and liberals on social media love to insult President Trump.

But hey, people don't like sharing content that sucks and maybe this is just one of those times Sam Bee needs to realize she ain't funny.

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Scream was a good movie though, so shout out to the people who made Scream 20 years ago and solidified their spot on the shelves of Halloween Spirit stores everywhere with that damn mask.

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