San Diego school districts change grading system to fight racism instead of blaming bad kids and lazy parents

We are doomed. I literally just read the dumbest headline in history (besides anything Jennifer Rubin writes) and I am almost certain that California will have the stupidest generation of kids for the next ten generations.

The Fox News article titled "San Diego school districts overhauls grading system to combat racism" had me legit laughing out loud thinking about how bad of an idea this is. This is nothing about racism and everything about pandering to people, babying them, and putting absolutely NO emphasis on working your ass off to advance your life. This is San Diego's school district absolutely refusing to call out BAD PARENTS and LAZY BAD KIDS, and instead, changing their  grading system and saying it's to combat racism? Are you kidding me?

Oh, Sally over here gets an A+ because her mom makes her do homework and actually study before a test and hand work in on time, teaching her rules and consequences at home and Dad is always there to help with homework. Billy over there gets to slack, his lardy-pants mom sits on her iPhone all day, and she don't even care what he does. Billy's mom doesn't even know who the dad is. She doesn't care one bit about her kid, that's why she's always on Tinder looking for the next sorry-sap choad to get her pregnant so she can cash in on another welfare baby check. But don't worry - he gets a C and passes while he scribbles his name on the test and draws dicks for every answer.

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So on one hand, we have a family and student all on board with working hard to succeed in school and move on to the next level. Another family who refuses to help themselves.


Instead of changing the grading system, the school districts should start visiting homes and asking why homework isn't in. Why is Billy late for school all the time. Why does Billy never raise his hand? Why does Billy hate going home to his crackhead mother? What can the school districts do to TEACH the failing families how to be BETTER FAMILIES and therefore have a much better chance to succeed in life during school and a long time after?

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But no, let's just change the grading system and pass these kids along. Then when they graduate high school by accident, they go into the real world and end up as criminals because they are 18 reading at a 9-year-old level, they have no skills, and their mom still sits on Tinder all night like a lacky.

Changing a grading system will do nothing to help or support the kids in need and it certainly is not going to fight racism, that's just about the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

The Fox News article said this:

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The new changes came in response to data that showed disparities between the percentage of white and minority students who received D or F grades, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported

According to the data, Black students accounted for about 20% of all D or F grades during the first semester of last year, while Native American and Hispanic students each accounted for 23%. By comparison, white students made up 7% of all D or F grades during that same period.

Who cares? Go to their home and find out why they are slacking and what resources they need to succeed. Stop changing grading systems and start HELPING THE FAMILY be better, because clearly they're bad at it.

Under the district’s new system, non-academic factors like late work and classroom behavior will not be counted toward their overall academic grade. 

SDUSD Vice President Richard Barrera said the overhaul represents the district’s “honest reckoning.”

So if you get a job and miss a deadline or throw a chair in the office at work, does that have no affect on your job? Because that's what this BS will teach these kids.

“If we’re actually going to be an anti-racist school district, we have to confront practices like this that have gone on for years and years,” Barrera said. “I think this reflects a reality that students have described to us and it’s a change that’s a long time coming.”

This is beyond stupid. You tell a student what their deadline is and that's that. If they can't make the deadline, you find out why and you ask them how they can be helped. That's it. Teachers can help the students, but they should not be relaxing deadlines for schoolwork, because that teaches the kids the absolutely wrong idea. We all have deadlines to meet in the real world and if we don't meet them, sometimes it IS a bad thing. And how does this have ANYTHING to do with racism? There is seriously something wrong with the Californians running that state.

The new system, which affects mostly middle school and high school students, will be implemented over this year and next. 

Parents should fight against this. It goes against the concept of holding parents and students responsible for their work and actions. San Diego school districts are being run by morons.

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