Comedian Sarah Silverman said recently that while producing episodes for her Hulu series she actually had a great time with Trump supporters.  Silverman is an outspoken critic of President Trump and is known for campaigning hard for both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton in last year's presidential election.

Silverman made headlines after Trump's successful election by mocking Christian conservatives, describing the current environment in the nation today as not dissimilar to the Great Depression, by suggesting that the military could help overthrow President Trump and a myriad of tweets that were very anti-Trump.

It seems that Silverman is going back on some of her anti-Trump sentiment by admitting that the Trump supporters she met were very down-to-earth, relatable and normal people that she felt comfortable around.

Silverman has apparently realized firsthand that it is the mainstream media that profits greatly by spreading the incorrect picture of Trump supporters as neo-Nazi racist crazy bastards.  They sell this picture of Trump supporters to turn a profit on the hurt feelings of liberals who are to this day, mad that Hillary Clinton lost the election.

Trump voters are, in fact, normal Americans who simply have different opinions on how the nation should be governed.  That does not inherently make them racist or evil.   Liberals, of all people, should understand that just because someone does not share the same opinion as you they are the anti-Christ.

Silverman said that she is beginning to realize that when you actually allow yourself to come face-to-face with someone with a different ideology of yours, that your protective armor subsides and meaningful conversations about understanding each other's ideals can come about.

While Silverman's stance is in stark contrast to her previously seen views on Trump supporters, she has not been entirely sold to the point of changing her core ideals as a liberal.  Her tweets to this day are oftentimes retweets of anti-Trump tweets of other Twitter users and during the same conversation that she revealed her positive encounters with Trump supporters, she also noted that she is still waiting for Trump to hit rock bottom.  When she was asked directly about how she would like to see Trump go down, were it to happen, she said "with no hair or makeup."

With all of that said, Silverman's revelation that her feelings on Trump supporters have cooled down quite a bit, it is a testament that someone so steadfastly against Trump and his supporter's ideals could talk about the great encounters they had.  It's refreshing to see the truth come out and can only benefit all sides of politics if people would learn to actually come together and talk about their ideals in a respectful, open-minded way.

Posted on November 23, 2017 in and filed under Sarah Silverman.
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