Sasha Obama did what any smart young girl would do if their daddy was Obama! She skipped the farewell speech and hit the road! She boogied down to Miami to soak in the sun and probably hook up with a bunch of guys.

Hopefully she didn't make out with lots of guys though. Just one is OK. Don't want to catch a reputation as a fleabag giving up the nappy dugout.

She looks like a good girl though. I'm sure she was just chillin with some drinks, living the life on the taxpayers money.

Hey Sasha - can we come on your next trip? I'm a taxpayer, so I'm paying for the trip anyway. Would be nice to get an invite!


How nice of her. I suppose she’s just like Daddy, always thinking of himself and knows how to waste American taxpayer money.

Here’s her leaked photos in a skimpy bikini.

sasha-obama-naked-bikini-miami-partying-president-obama-daughters-0a1 sasha-obama-naked-bikini-miami-partying-president-obama-daughters-0a2 sasha-obama-naked-bikini-miami-partying-president-obama-daughters-0a3 sasha-obama-naked-bikini-miami-partying-president-obama-daughters-0a6 sasha-obama-naked-bikini-miami-partying-president-obama-daughters-0a7

Should we take bets on if she ends up in the same category as Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian? Wink Wink.