Schiff: Trump is an 'Un-indicted Co-Conspirator' - may be indicted when he leaves office

Rep. Adam Schiff says that President Donald Trump is 'not above the law' and he could be indicted after he leaves the White House and is done serving the office, and provided the statute of limitations has not passed. Schiff says Trump is a co-conspirator and claims he's part of a scheme involving his former lawyer who went to jail, Michael Cohen. Schiff also referred to Trump as an 'un-indicted co-conspirator during his interview on CBS Face the Nation with Margaret Brennan.

Connor Mannion quoted Schiff via Mediaite, "it’s been clear from Bob Mueller that he felt and the Justice Department feels bound by the office of Legal Counsel opinion you can’t indict a sitting president. [Trump] is essentially an un-indicted co-conspirator,."

Schiff continued, saying that “in my point of view, he should be indicted. It’s the view of the Justice Department in that indictment that Donald Trump coordinated the legal scheme. He’s not above the law.


During the interview, Brennan asked Schiff about Attorney General Bill Barr getting involved with the Mueller investigation.

Schiff said, “I didn’t allege he did that. I said Congress will have to find out if there was intervention by Bill Barr to bring about a political closure of the case. One of the concerns that I have had is when Bill Barr testified in the Senate that he believes the president could have made the Mueller investigation go away anytime if he thought it was unfair... It’s logical to conclude the president can make any other case go away if he deems it unfair. That’s not our understanding or anyone’s understanding of the law.”

You can watch the short video clip of Schiff on Face the Nation here and determine your opinion on it in the comments.


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