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School REKT Michelle Obama and her nasty lunch program


Thank goodness Michelle Obama is on her way out of the White House. She can take her SH*TTY FREE SCHOOL LUNCH program with her. Her bubbling dummy husband, Barry, has the worst healthcare program. She has the worst school lunch program. They're a match made in heaven!

If you've not ever seen the free lunch program by Michelle Obama, then here's a picture. It's the most unedible food you can find. HOW DO YOU F*CK UP A HOT DOG?

Here's a sample of what the free lunch program serves. Ghetto ass hot dog and chick-peas with milk. Who the hell eats this combination? And if you saw the hot dog in person, then you'd want to throw up.



A school in New Mexico slapped MIchelle Obama with some reality. The free school lunch program pays schools $3 per lunch they serve. That's great, but since the food is so disgusting, some schools have decided to serve something better so the kids actually eat. The problem is that the schools can't afford to pay the difference.



When I was in school, there was no free lunch program. I say get rid of it. The food sucks and no one likes it. Take care of your own kids and stop asking for handouts.

Most kids throw the free lunch in the trash. Even the poor kids who don't eat much at home throw it out. It's disgusting and even the poor kids don't want it.

Just scrap the program all together and let parents bring lunch from home. Many of them do anyway. The rest will figure it out. They're your kids, so you feed them.

Robert Jessen of Monte del Sol Head in Santa Fe told local reporters that it would no longer participate in the National School Lunch Program because it could no longer afford the cost of serving the free meals.

“We receive $3 from the federal government for each free lunch we serve. However, it costs more to serve that lunch. For the last several years the school has been able to pay the difference, but this year we can not.”

Teachers noted that students were hungry in afternoon classes and coaches complained that student athletes were not receiving sufficient nutrients and caloric content adequate for training, practice or sports events.
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