School Officer removed after giving principal a parking ticket


A school resource officer in Ohio was removed from their school after giving the principal a parking ticket. The officer warned the principal to stop parking in the handicapped location. The principal didn't listen and they kept parking there, despite not being handicapped nor having the appropriate decal or whatever to identify them as a handicapped driver. Not long after the ticket was placed, the principal had the school resource officer escorted out of the school.

This all took place at Jefferson Elementary. Adam Chinchic is the officer and he tried to warn the principal, but they just wouldn't listen. Of course, that sends a wonderful message to the students when the principal parks in a handicapped spot and thinks they can do whatever they want. Surely, that's some ideal role model for everyone, right?

According to Michael Currington, a representative for the city of Warren's police union, Google Earth shows clearly the reason for what started with a warning and ended with controversy. 
"The resource officer had given a number of verbal warnings over a period of time to the principal of the facility to not park in a handicap designated area," said city law director Greg Hicks. 
But Hicks says the principal at Jefferson Elementary defied officer Adam Chinchic's warning, and on Tuesday, parked there again. 
When Chinchic issued her a ticket, she contacted school administration officials, who had security escort Chinchic from the premises. 
Currington says that Google Earth image shows the principal's car parked between two handicapped spaces; an area for elevators on handicap-accessible vehicles. 
Ohio Revised Code indicates that hatched area is still off limits for parking.

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The officer is currently on road duty with the PD and it's unclear if he'll be invited back to the school. He should check the principal's car each day and give her more tickets since she thinks she's so entitled to park anywhere she wants.