School Play Canceled Because White Girl Got The Lead Role


A group of social justice warrior losers from a New York high school were able to cry enough liberal tears to get a musical closed down after a white student was given the lead role. The production of "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" was about to happen, but thanks to the poorly parented liberal Ithaca students complaining about a white person, the production is now canceled. Chalk that up as a victory for racist losers who hate white people and are social justice turds whose parents should be embarrassed for how they poorly raised their awful kids.


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At first, there were protests, and an African-American student quit the high school's production when they found out that a white person got the role of Esmeralda. Boo hoo. That's called real life. Sometimes you get the part. Sometimes you get the shaft. When you learn how to take the shaft, then you'll do better in the real world. So what do these losers need to do? They need to take the shaft and get cut from their lousy school play. Oh, that's right - they got the entire musical canceled because THEY are racist. How lovely it must be to be the parents of those nearly adult crybabies. If my student were in the production and NOT one of the crying high schoolers, then I'd be annoyed as a parent that my child has to miss out because someone else raised their kids to be losers.

Fox News posted a quote from one student: “It shows you that theater wasn’t made for you," the student told the Ithaca Journal. "And it shows you that, if you can’t get the parts that are written for you, what parts are you going to get?

Exactly! If you can't get a specific part in a musical, play, or any other production - then you keep trying and get another part. Eventually, you will get something. That's identical to how the real world works. We try for something. If we get rejected, then we try again. These students are quitters and complainers who will end up flipping some fries for $15 an hour when they're 35-years-old if they don't get their act together.

Fox News continued their coverage of the losers:

"Student activists then banded together under the umbrella of Students United Ithaca and wrote a letter that included a list of demands, saying that, while the young lady cast as Esmeralda was “a stellar actor, singer, and dancer” any production would be “lucky to have,” she couldn’t be cast in this role because she is the “epitome of whiteness.”

“At best, this is cultural appropriation,” the student group wrote, alleging racial bias within the Performing Arts Program at IHS, and “at worst, it is whitewashing, a racist casting practice which has its roots in minstrelsy.”

While the student activists demanded “brown and black female students” be considered for the role, the character in question is half Roma, half French, according to the novel by Victor Hugo. SUI stressed “the book and the musical should not be conflated” because the musical is only “inspired” by Hugo’s manuscript."

I can't take these turds serious anymore. Let's pretend we are all the teacher of a musical production. We have a class filled with Asian, black, Hispanic, and white students. They're all trying out for the same part and everyone is already considered. Everyone was always considered for the part, but if they don't get it, then they can't complain. Do a better job and maybe try a little bit harder if you don't get the part you want.

If the Asian, black, or Hispanic get the part, then is that racist? No, but that's called diversity to a liberal. If a white person gets the part, then is that racist? Yes, because they're white and white people can't have anything anymore. Just being white is racist now. We can't control who we are born from, but if we were born from a white woman, then we are automatically the white devil. 

White people should paint themselves brown so they can be more inclusive and less racist.

That's right folks. I'll start. I'm painting myself brown right now. Blackface, here I come! I can't wait to knock up 12 thots in the hood, and face the harsh reality that smug white liberal idiots are acting as if they care about me, but really they're just insecure little dirtbags who were raised by lousy.

The students who complain because a person of ANY color, white, black, yellow, red or anyone else are unfit for the real world and THEY are the racists. 

It does not matter who gets the main part and it's not racist if it goes to a white person. What if the white person was more talented? Then they get the part. If the black or Asian student is more talented, then give it to them. It's about the talent, not the color. No one in the real world truly cares about the color. They want to see a GREAT PRODUCTION, not a social justice activist warrior pile of nothing-burgers.

Whenever I see something like this, then just shake my head and get my order for fast food ready. I know these kids won't be doing anything else with their lives besides go to Women's Marches and protesting for $15 an hour. Good luck, losers.

In all seriousness, I will not paint myself any color unless it's Eagles green because f-ck Tom Brady.