Science Says Pictures of Black Holes Are Fake

Scientists want you to know that the Black Hole pictures circulating on the internet are probably fake.

There have been all kinds of pictures labeled as a black hole. The truth is that there has not been a real picture of black hole yet. Scientists have finished gathering data to depict a real black hole through it's event horizon. Soon they would come up with the first image of the event horizon. This news is the closest we have been to ever see a picture of a black hole.

A black hole is anything that is black, round, and deep. It's a little bit more special than that. When a star ends with supernova, it leaves a massive void behind & that void is a black hole. Stephen hawking believes there isn't a black hole like the one we expect and there is a lot of mystery about a black hole's existence and theories.


Scientists believe that there is a super massive black hole at the center of our galaxy, which is termed as Sagittarius A* . It  lies at the center of milky way galaxy near the Sagittarius constellation.

There are a thousand pictures on the internet captioned to be black holes. But most of them are depiction of the black holes by artists or images of what people think a black hole looks like. Some of these pictures are beautiful and others are just stupid like the picture below.

It is very easy to believe that the picture below might be a picture of black hole. But wait, Have a look!

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Ring any bells? This is a picture of a poster of a movie The Ring. This picture is working successfully as a click bait for the curious readers. They may believe it to be the black hole picture. Most people are not aware of the fact that there haven't been a real picture yet. It is silly and hilarious at the same time.

It is easy to relate to people's imagination of a black hole with anything that's black and round. Remember, everything that shines isn't gold and every black circle isn't a black hole.

Yes, the Event Horizon Telescope successfully collected data for the past week and a half. All of the scopes in the network recorded the radio waves emanating from the center of the galaxy, where the supermassive black hole Sagittarius A* is believed to reside. Things went well, with the exception of some bad weather here and there. But now, the scientists must take their data back to supercomputers, line up those light sources, and run special algorithms to get the final picture. As we previously reported, this will happen later this year at the earliest, but we may need another cycle of observation before we get our first true image of a black hole.

No matter what the Event Horizon Telescope sees, it will be amazing. But if you see any images like these around, just know that they do not depict the outcome of the Event Horizon Telescope’s observing run. The following are not photos of black holes.

A black hole has such powerful gravitational pull that nothing can escape it, not even light or information. The boundary near the black hole where its pull begins is known as an event horizon. The center of the black hole is called as Singularity. All of these are mysteries of our world that are yet to be solved.

There are famous quotes on social media which are so accurate that they are hilarious.

  1. 'Black holes suck',
    It depicts the power of its gravitational pull.

  2. 'What happens in a black hole stays in a black hole', 
    Nothing can escape from it.

  3. 'You are as bright as a black hole', 
    It helps to insult your friend sarcastically.

The theories proposed by physicists around the world about black holes are quite interesting but the pictures circulating on Internet are not real at all.

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