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Science Wants Men To Masturbate At Least 21 Times Per Month

This may be very good news to men who like to masturbate a lot. Or it might find a few guys spending more alone time with...themselves. Either way, this lets you chronic jackers off the hook - for now.

Researchers from Harvard University have released a recent study that suggests that men who climax at least 21 times per month may decrease their chances of getting prostate cancer, slashing those chances by up to a third.

A questionnaire was given to 31,925 men over a period of 18 years with ejaculation frequency determined the year before they took the questionnaire. The questionnaire was taken by men between the ages of 20 - 29 as well as the ages of 40 - 49.

The study showed that there was a significant reduction in the amount of prostate cancer cases in when men masturbated frequently or found other ways to climax.

So, what are you waiting for guys? Drop those pants and go for it! Just remember a healthy diet and exercise will also reduce your risks as well, so don't forget to eat a healthy dinner, hit the gym, then go home and have a party in your pants. Or maybe you could get a girlfriend for once. Then again, I hear those guys with girlfriends do it even more. Either way, keep having those orgasms to increase the chances of saving your culo!

Researchers from Harvard University released a recent study, published in European Urology, that suggests men who climax 21 times or more per month may have their chances of prostate cancer slashed by up to a third.

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The study consists of a questionnaire given to 31,925 men over an 18-year period, with ejaculation frequency determined the year before questionnaire distribution, and between the ages of 20-29, as well as 40-49. 

The study appears to show a statistically significant reduction in prostate cancer cases when the men masturbate frequently.

It has also been determined that an active sex life can help to reduce the risk of getting prostate cancer as regular successful orgasms can help to flush out cancer-determining toxins that build up in the prostate.

If you are not up for masturbating alone then get your partner in on the fun and get those orgasms in. What better way to possibly reduce the risk of cancer other than to have sex with someone you love or just met at a bar. Plus, how would you explain that overly muscly arm to your friends? Let's just say you show up to work one day looking like Quagmire with a big arm. I'm not sure it would be convincing to your friends to explain the Harvard study. It is science, but it's also still a bit awkward!

This has got to be the best way I know of to reduce your risks of getting cancer. Masturbating or having sex (she has to say yes first) to achieve that orgasm 21 times a month is better than all the chemotherapy you would have to go through.

Just remember - switch hands sometimes or you'll look like this:

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