Scientists conclude massive interstellar object is NOT an alien spaceship

After months of research, scientists finally concluded: "Oumuamua" is not an alien spaceship. As for now, and by the current research, at least.

Scientists discovered a strange cigar-shaped object, thanks to Pan-STARRS1 telescope located at Hawaiian university. Since such objects rarely (if even) visit our solar system, they named it accordingly - " Oumuamua," which in Hawaiian language means "messenger arriving from a great distance."


Sadly, or luckily for us, it's just another dead object that floats in the space.

The most probable explanation – it's just a fragment of planetary building block formed in a distant star system. Just another rock floating in space, but of really strange shape and dimensions.

Oumuamua is long and skinny, just like a cigar, measuring around half-mile of length. What makes things even stranger is that this object has characteristics of both a comet and asteroid, meaning it doesn't emit any gasses and has no ice onboard (so it's not a comet), and its trajectory couldn't be explained by simple gravity (so it's not an asteroid).


"This thing is weird and admittedly hard to explain, but that doesn't exclude other natural phenomena that could explain it," said astronomer Matthew Knight of the University of Maryland.

Somehow, we are not 100% convinced. But hopefully we are wrong this time, as who knows what meeting with the other intelligent form of life would mean for us  Earthlings.

Maybe it would quickly run away in disgust, after seeing how we treat our mother planet and what we do with our home. Since Fox Mulder is somehow retired these days, and was more busy chasing women in "Californication" TV Series than Aliens in "X-Files," we don't know who to ask about it.

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But maybe it's better not to ask at all, and just leave things how they are.

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