Scientists discover ancient Mayan city hidden under a jungle and they had WALLS too!

President Donald Trump should be really proud of the scientists who discovered an ancient Mayan city that was somehow hidden under the Guatemalan jungle. One look at the picture and you can tell those ancient folks weren't playing around, they had walls too! Now if Trump has any need for some scientific proof that walls are acceptable, he can just look at this article that shows the ancient walls of the hidden city. Talk about luck!! It's a shame this discovery wasn't made sooner because then maybe Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi would have agreed to the $5.7 billion for the wall instead of causing a shutdown and costing America $11 billion instead.

While I've got your attention, let's take a look at the information presented about this newly discovered city and the amazing fact that it was buried under a jungle.

According to an article on the Guardian, the researchers were using some high-tech aerial mapping tactics and that's how they located what might be "tens of thousands" of Mayan homes, buildings, DEFENSE WORKS, and even pyramids, that no one ever knew about. This was all located in the Peten region of Guatamala and there's a huge possibility that millions might have lived there. Wow, they had defensive structures set up? You know, kinda like a TRUMP BORDER WALL? Hmmm... if it worked for them, then why not us?

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The Guardian article continued, with more professionally presented information, stating:

The discoveries, which included industrial-sized agricultural fields and irrigation canals, were announced on Thursday by an alliance of US, European and Guatemalan archaeologists working with Guatemala’s Mayan Heritage and Nature Foundation.
The study estimates that roughly 10 million people may have lived within the Maya Lowlands, meaning that kind of massive food production might have been needed.
“That is two to three times more [inhabitants] than people were saying there were,” said Marcello A Canuto, a professor of anthropology at Tulane University.

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Darn they had 10 million people living there? That's MASSIVE! Imagine ten million people living in California. That would be a lot of extra feces on the sidewalk and a lot of paper straws to go through.

Forget that!

How did the researcher detect all of this? Well, with cool science tactics of course!

Researchers used a mapping technique called Lidar, which stands for light detection and ranging. It bounces pulsed laser light off the ground, revealing contours hidden by dense foliage.
The images revealed that the Mayans altered the landscape in a much broader way than previously thought; in some areas, 95% of available land was cultivated. 
“Their agriculture is much more intensive and therefore sustainable than we thought, and they were cultivating every inch of the land,” said Francisco Estrada-Belli, a research assistant professor at Tulane University, noting the ancient Mayas partly drained swampy areas that haven’t been considered worth farming since.

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Listen up folks! The ancient Mayans were on to something. They were smarter than we think. If they were around now, they would rule the planet. Of course, that depends on how many times we have to hear about global warming during our polar vortex.

All I'm saying is this- if the Mayans had a wall for defense, then we can have a wall.

If you're just going to tell me things like "oh that was different times" then you can just piss off and go be a wanker somewhere else.

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