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Sean Spicer wears American flag pin upside down, the entire Internet tells him

Sean Spicer, White House press secretary, accidentally wore his American flag pin upside down and you know what happened next. This happened at the beginning of a press briefing and it turned hilarious.

It was so funny that the White House adviser, Omarosa Manigault, slipped Spicer a note giving him the funny news. Spicer then fixed the flag pin.


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Twitter had a field day with this, posting everything from conspiracy theories to "House of Cards" references.

Reporters also called attention to the pin and jokingly asked Spicer if it was a call for help, as flying the flag upside down is often an "SOS" signal. Spicer was good-humored about the situation, smiling and chuckling with reporters as he fixed the pin.

When a reporter mentioned the hit Netflix political show "House of Cards," whose symbol is the upside-down flag, Spicer responded: "No, there's no promo."

Here's the best reply that was on Twitter. This user "fixed" the pin for Spicer.

Everyone knows those pins are sometimes wobbly. I'm sure Spicer had no idea. Nevertheless, they persisted to bash him on social media. Rightfully so. It's funny. Have some fun with it!


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