Sean Spicer made a himself look like a fool during one of his press briefings. He said that Hitler never used chemical weapons during World War II after making a reference to concentration camps by calling them Holocaust centers. Sean Spicers comments were made after President Bashar al-Assad allegedly unleashed an attack on his own country which involved chemical weapons, in particular, a gas attack.

The attack left many men, women and children fighting for their lives after being poisoned by the chemicals that were used.

It would seem that by the comments made by Sean Spicer show that he obviously hasn't done much homework or never paid any attention at school during history class to make such a statement. We all know it was a stupid and false statement. Was it a slip-up or was he thinking differently? We can't tell.

Sean Spicer obviously wanted to make President Bashar al-Assad look like a very evil man and by doing so made a slight comparison to Hitler when making his statement, not quite realizing the consequences of his words would result in mass amounts of social media hail storms trashing Spicer.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer made some eyebrow-raising remarks Tuesday as he tried condemning Russia's alliance with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in the wake of the horrific chemical attack in Syria last week.

"We didn't even use chemical weapons in World War II," Spicer said during today's press briefing.

"You had a — you know, someone as despicable as Hitler, who didn't even sink to using chemical weapons," Spicer said.

There is no denying that President Bashar al-Assad may have attacked his own people when chemical weapons were used on innocent people.To compare that to Hitler when talking about the attack in Syria was not a way to prove that President Bashar al-Assad was a worse man than Hitler. Most would agree Hitler is on a pedestal of his own.

Hitler killed people using chemical weapons and that makes Sean Spicer's statement irrelevant.

It makes you wonder why Sean Spicer made such a statement. Could it have been to make President Bashar al-Assad look like a bad man in hopes that leaders from other countries do the same?

The man had already attacked his own people whom were innocent people using chemical weapons so that right there would be grounds to have something against the man, so why bring Hitler into it? It doesn't even make sense. And why bring Hitler into the conversation and be completely incorrect about it?

After the briefing, Spicer offered another clarification on his comments.

"In no way was I trying to lessen the horrendous nature of the Holocaust," he said in a statement. "I was trying to draw a distinction of the tactic of using airplanes to drop chemical weapons on population centers. Any attack on innocent people is reprehensible and inexcusable."

Sean Spicer tried to make his statement sound much less worse than it did by saying that he was not trying to lessen the horrendous nature of the Holocaust but instead he was trying to draw attention to the fact that planes were used on the attack on Syria.

Whether it was planes that were used in an attack or whether people were locked inside somewhere whilst the chemical weapons were let out into the place they were locked in does not make either situation any different so it still makes you wonder why Sean Spicer made the comment about Hitler not using chemical weapons.

Despite the explanation, Spicer's words drew widespread condemnation, including a call for his firing from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of California.

"While Jewish families across America celebrate Passover, the chief spokesman of this White House is downplaying the horror of the Holocaust," she said in a statement. "Sean Spicer must be fired, and the president must immediately disavow his spokesman's statements.

"Either he is speaking for the president or the president should have known better than to hire him," Pelosi added.

Even though Sean Spicer did have an explanation for what he said during that press briefing, people have still called for his firing. Getting fired for making a dumb statement is a bit much. No need to get fired, but he should take a quick history lesson on Adolf Hitler.

Maybe next time Sean Spicer should think before making such comparisons which have offended many people since he voiced his opinion at the press briefing.

What are your thoughts? Should Sean Spicer be fired for his comments on Hitler and the Holocaust or for his comparison between President Bashar al-Assad and Hitler?

Or should he take a quick history lesson and get himself acquainted with chemical weapons?

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