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Al Franken Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Former Model In Her Sleep

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Black Lives Matter: shooting black ape was racist

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North Korea Threatens The US With Nuclear Attack

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He Just Seriously Did that and the Package Thief Goes Running

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Sammy Sosa Is So White That Democrats Can Finally Call Him Racist

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Man showered the wrong way and now his feet look like this

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Extreme Tanning Addict Turns Into Crispy Brown Nightmare

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Project Blue Book's Gray alien interview from 1964 gives us scary warnings

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Jennifer Lawrence Blames Hurricanes On Trump

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USA Today Shows Assault Rifle Modified with Chainsaw

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London's Grenfell Tower Engulfed in Massive Flames

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11 Freaky Things That Could Live In Your Body

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Lady throws puppies in river to drown #WTF

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Deadly Shooting In Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport

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Six Classic Video Game Easter Eggs

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Man Creates Most Disturbing Homemade Sex Doll You'll Ever See

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Texas man DECAPITATES WIFE, stores head in freezer.

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Liberals Love 'Bernie Sanders Tax Plan' Until They're Told What It Really Is

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