Security drags man across floor after clash with Trump supporters at Elizabeth Warren event

Elizabeth Warren held a town hall event in Arizona and at least one man was arrested after he clashed with Trump supporters who showed up to protest. The man was arrested for "assault and disorderly conduct for confronting another subject at the event" as per Detective Greg Bacon, who is a public information officer.

What happened?

It seems like a group of Trump supporters showed up to push back against Elizabeth Warren, who's running for president in a sea of 20 Democratic candidates. The Trump supporters are part of a Republican group called the AZ Patriots.


Based on a report by ABC, the small group from AZ Patriots were wearing the typical red Make America Great Again (MAGA) hats and shirts with the name of their group.

"Jennifer Harrison, one of the group’s leading members, said the man who was arrested "lunged" at them and "tried to grab a phone" from her partner’s hand as they were escorted out of the event by security, about halfway through Warren’s speech at the Marquee Theatre.

 Harrison told reporters once the man and her group were removed from the venue, he saw her and tried to "strike" her with his fists."


Tempe Police Sgt. Keving Renwick stated to ABC News that it was people behaving badly and the security removed the suspect in an appropriate and lawful manner.

It appears that the group from AZ Patriots (Facebook page) was also removed, but they were not arrested after the clash.

Harrison was reportedly live-streaming and shouting "climate change is a hoax."

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ABC quoted her, saying "we were just standing there recording," said a woman with AZ Patriots who declined to give her name. When security came over, "all we wanted was to do was get out."

Here's the video of the man being arrested from one angle, then a second video of him being dragged along the floor by security.

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