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Senate breaks a little rule, votes 98-1 for Mad Dog Mattis!


The Senate may have bent a little rule to let Mad Dog Mattis grab a nice job as the Secretary of Defense.

I hope he runs for President in 2020. Mad Dog 2020 sounds great to me. I'll take one in red or orange please. No purple though. Gives me gas.

Senate voted 98-1 to give him the job. There's 1 person who's clearly a vulgar looking mushroom-head feminist.

The Senate voted 98-1 in favor of Gen. Mattis' confirmation to the position.

Mattis had previously served in the Marine Corps for 44 years and only retired in 2013. The law normally states that the secretary of defense must have been out of the military for at least 7 years, but seeing as 4-star Gen. Mattis has exuded such excellence during his service of our country, many were quick to make an exception to this rule.

In fact, shortly after the proposition for Gen. Mattis to take the secretary of defense position was made, GOP Arizona Sen. John McCain, chairman of the Senate Committee on Armed Services, stood up for Mattis and worked to move a waiver through Congress.

The same sentiment was felt by the large majority of both the House and the Senate, with the waiver being passed 268-151 in the House and 81-17 in the Senate.

This guy Mattis is a beast and he's going to do a wonderful job.

If someone messes up, then he's going to be hardcore all over it. 

Let's go Mattis!!... read more


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