Senator apologizes for staging Trump assassination during fundrasier

A Democratic senator, Martin Sandoval of Illinois, faced backlash for posting pictures of a staged Trump assassination that happened at one of Sandoval's fundraisers. The pictures have what appears to be a person wearing a not-so-nice looking Trump mask while someone else points a gun at them.

The photographs posted on Facebook sparked outrage, some people saying things like "the tolerant left," per a report on the NY Post.

"Photos posted by a woman who witnessed the mock assassination on Friday night show supporters of Sen. Martin Sandoval, who represents Illinois’ 11th District — which includes parts of Chicago — acting out in front of guests, according to WCIA.


One of them can be seen pointing a fake machine gun at a man wearing a Trump mask and Mexican costume. The individual appears to simulate being shot — grabbing his chest and leaning back.

In another photo, Sandoval can be seen standing next to the person holding the gun."

After seeing backlash from both sides of the political spectrum, Sandoval felt the pressure and released an apology statement.


Sandoval said, "I don’t condone violence toward the President or anyone else... I apologize that something like this happened at my event."

The apology wasn't received well from everyone. It was Illinois Republican Party chairman Tim Schneider who had a negative reaction to both the stunt and the apology.

Schneider said,"Dangerous imagery like this will be condemned and seen as inappropriate by people of sound mind; however, a mentally unstable individual who wants to harm President Trump might find them as an inspiration... It’s inexcusable for an elected official to allow the promotion of violence in any way. If the individual pictured is a staffer or volunteer, they should be terminated immediately."

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