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Serial Bomber Attacks Austin

Today Austin was rocked by a 3rd home bombing. The resident of the home was an elderly African America woman. According to news reporter Owen Shroyer who interview some of the neighbors, they have no idea why her house was selected.

It is by all accounts a good neighborhood that is going down. There is a rising crime rate and gunshots can be heard at times. It is concerning that Austin Texas has around 8% blacks and all 3 bombings have been in homes of Black families. Police stated in the interview after the 3rd bombing that they appear to be related.

This is concerning for many reasons. It would appear from a statistical point of view these bombings are targeting African Americans. I say this as blacks are 8% of the population of Austin Tx. and 100% of the victims. There will no doubt be a lot of conspiracy theories of who is responsible for these bombings. One person likened the bombings to Ted Kaczynski the Unabomber's reign of terror. His was an eco-terrorist agenda. No such motivation has come to light as yet.

My hope is the person or persons involved are caught soon and brought in front of a modern day, Judge Roy Beane. I must impress upon everyone do not take the law into your own hands. These are dangerous people and need to be handled by professionals. We do not know at this time why these families were targeted or even if there was a specific reason to attack them. Help Law enforcement catch and stop this person or persons.

The Local, State and Federal Law enforcement agents are either on site or on their way to Austin to solve these heinous crimes. There is no possible sane reason for these types of attacks. Placing a bomb on the doorstep of a house, so an innocent person will be maimed or killed is just sick. Military members and Law enforcement know that they may be attacked for no reason. This is something that is known and accepted from the start. But civilians living quiet lives should not have to live in fear from opening a package on their front doorstep.

I pray for the wounded and their families that they make a full recovery. As a people, we cannot bow down to the peddlers of fear and hate. We need to be cautious, and we need to be vigilant. We will not live in fear. That is what the terrorist want, for all of the countries to live in fear of them. Truth be told we outnumber these cretins more than 1000 to 1. Let us take back our country from the fear mongers and would be terrorist. Bring them to justice. Give them their day in court. Let them convict themselves with their own words and actions.

We are a nation of laws. Let's start acting like it. If these cretins think we will bow down to them; they are gravely mistaken. We are America and We have always been great. Let's show the world what true greatness is.


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